The 2014-2015 winter was rather mild – 3°C higher than average – and very humid, only 3 or 4 days of frost between January and April. The spring then followed in the tracks of its predecessors, in temperature as well as pluviometry. A relatively warm April helped in jump-starting the vegetation, though this was countered by the end of May, which saw uncharacteristically low temperatures, though having little effect on the quality of the flowering. Then the summer was cool and wet – 2°C lower than average. Dining in the garden in the evenings required motivation, and a jumper!

The average temperature in August was of only 17°C. September, however, changed everything: an exceptionally warm month.

The sun cultured a slow maturing of the tannins and the skin until mid-October.

September and October made the vintage. The merlots harvest began on 29/09: excellent results between 12°7 and 13°02; PH 3.5.

The cabernets francs and sauvignons were harvested fairly late to make the most of the heat: the Francs were harvested on 08/10 and the Sauvignons on 10/10 and 11/10.

The final assemblage consists of 65% Merlot, 15% Carbenet franc and 20% Cabernet sauvignon.

The cabernets were of strikingly smooth.

This 2014 wine is currently light and fruity, without rough tannins; built on refined tannins, melted and fresh.

Jacques Dupont – Magazine Le Point 21 Mai 2015: 15/20

“Wood, vanilla, soft and round taste, supple tannins, nicely fruity, quite elegant, promising.”


Serena Sutcliffe & David Peppercorn :

March 2015 “Harmony, pleasant fruit-acidity balance. Accompanied by strong character and charm. Great example of the label.”

And in April 2016: “Great aroma, completely in line with the AOC. Fruity and silky on the pallet. An pleasurable, accessible wine.”

Jacques DUPONT, Magazine LE POINT, September 2016:

« Black fruit, cherry, blackberry, hints of wood, round initial taste, taut to finish, great balance.”


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