The dryness and heat that lasted from April to the harvest helped us a lot.

Very high temperatures in August.

The grapes were beautiful and well distributed around the vines for maximal exposition to the sun. Very good sanitary state but small seeds made us underestimate the yield.

All the tanks were above 14°, the merlots were around 14.5°, the Cabernets Francs 14.24° and the Sauvignons 14.14°, which is very rare!

Fairly low overall acidity of 2.7, particularly malic acid due to the heat. The high sugar concentration lead to a very soft taste, a deep robe with a high concentration. Formidable density of the wine/juice, see the photo below. Very supple tannins.

Final assemblage: 65% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Franc abnd 20% Cabernet Sauvignon.

A description from Serena Sutcliffe and her husband David Peppercorn:

“Very fruity aroma, full of life. On the pallet, the typical softness of a vintage from the right side of the Garonne; a wine that will please many, very pretty and with a certain impact.”

Magazine le Point Mai 2016 Jacques Dupont:

 ” 15/20 Dark fruits, blackcurrent, plump, ample, finely nurtured, very juicy, velvety tannins, soft.” 


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