It was in 1949 that our great grandfather Abel Rigou, wine producer and cognac distiller in St-Martin d’Ary (by Montguyon, Charente Maritime), purchases Montaiguillon. His daughter Genevieve marries Roger Amart. The youthful couple dedicate their life to rebuilding the chateau. Understanding the imperious necessity to sell the wine in bottles, Roger Amart travels to Belgium to find wine-loving customers in the 1950s. This will remain Montaiguillon’s prime market for the upcoming 30 years.

Chateau Montaiguillon warmly welcomes visitors, preferably upon reservation.


“ This red, marked by a strong personality, is majestic. It carries with it the love and devotion that Chantal Amart has for her vineyard, of which she knows all the “children”. Coulour, intensity, freshness and an astonishing fruity aroma.”

Jean Aubry - Guide Aubry 2014

The robe is always, independent of the vintage, clear, bright and intense; the signs of a meticulously selected, ripe and healthy harvest. A certain richness con be deduced, due to an extended, controlled vatting period. 

The aroma may seem slightly shy al first, but once the wine has been properly aired, il is a complex stream of ripe fruit, game, eucalyptus, liquorice and vanilla that embraces the nostrils. These are followed by scents of toasted bread and chocolate. This aromaticity deserves to be carefully appreciated as to understand the rich alchemy behind the wine. 

The taste is distinct, without detours: this is a sincere wine. Des pite the presence of melted tannins, the sensation is sumptuous and the texture silky. From the right matter-alcohol-tannins balance, unfolds a, indeed, structured wine, but which is also supple and fulfilling. We oller wines that mature well, which are to be savoured, ideally, alter 4-5 years of keeping. 

Our references

We are honoured to be recognised in the world of haute-cuisine and served on the most prestigious tables. 

Our produce can be found in many Michelin Star restaurants, ln France and abroad: La mère Brasier (Lyon), Orsi (Lyon), Jean Brouilly (Tararel, Les fermes de Marie (Megève), Maurice lsabal (Ainhoa), Chez Brunneau (BruxelIes), La Gaichel (Luxembourg), Restaurant Toqué (Montreal) ... 

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Château Montaiguillon is awarded each year with the highest of distinctions in international competitions : 

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